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Please feel welcome to send us any feedback, comments or questions you may have in regards to website accessibility, layout, or anything you feel that would help us grow our site and we will be in contact as swiftly as the crow flies! Thank you for visiting the Valkyrie's Forge online shop - we hope you enjoyed our website, and may the Valkyrie's guide us on the path to Valhalla!

Artist Disclaimer

• The Valkyrie's Forge is owner operated and managed by its sole member, Raphael Price.
Being as such, all communication with this business via email, text, phone calls, etc., is
strictly between the owner and its clients and shall remain confidential (unless otherwise
specified or communication is in a general and public place, such as social media platforms
ie. Facebook, Instagram etc.). The Valkyrie's Forge works in coordination with other 3rd party
vendors for production and/or marketing purposes only and no personal information is
shared with or between associated businesses unless permission is granted by the client.

• The Valkyrie's Forge is a non-discriminatory operation and is open to all individuals,
regardless of race, sex, religion, orientation, etc. However, I Raphael Price as the owner,
operator, artist and designer of all products reserve the right to refuse service to anyone
with or without reason, regardless of said prefaces and at my own discression (in
otherwords, just be nice).

• Custom projects and engraving prices will vary and are quoted based on detail and
approximate time/materials spent to perfect an individual request. Requests will be
accepted upon the interest and discression of myself as the artist and will be given its own
unique style. Exact replicas of an already existing item that is NOT created by The Valkyrie's
Forge will not be accepted as to avoid any potential copyright infringement.

• Each individual will be communicated with closely by myself as the artist once a request
is accepted and agreed upon to ensure product accuracy and satisfaction. Upon initial
acceptance of a custom project, a mutual agreement will be formed in writing and signed by
both the client and the artist (this is to protect the common interest of yourself as the client,
and myself as the business owner, operator, and artist). This agreement will contain specific
information agreed upon by both parties. Additionally, any requests that are created as a one
time order may be listed on The Valkyrie's Forge platforms for promotional purposes only,
and all casting materials for said piece shall be destroyed with no further replicas created
unless otherwise specified in writing by the client and owner of this business.

• Listed item prices include applicable sales tax, any shipping fee's associated are not included
and may vary depending upon location. Prices, promotions, and events are subject to change
with or without notice. Individual products are under copyright by The Valkyrie's Forge as
original and authentic artist renditions of ancient mythology. No specific religious symbols,
runes, or icons etc. are copyrighted by this business.

• As an artist I do not claim to be a historian, nor an explicit expert in ancient Runic languages,
beliefs, etc.. Any piece of art or jewelry this business produces is inspired by but not limited
to Nordic and Celtic mythology and are artist renditions/interpritations based upon personal
research, beliefs and inspiration. If any offense is caused by this business, please understand
that it is non intentional or deliberate. For any further questions, you are welcome to inquire.

Thank you for visiting The Valkyrie's Forge website! I hope everyone enjoys the hand designed
craftsmanship, and can respect the hard work that goes in to each piece. Skal!

-Raphael Price
and follow the creative process
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